Advanced NLP Hypnotherapy Manchester is Dedicated to Success!

It’s believed that my experience, my dedication and my passion for helping people overcome whatever issues they face makes Advanced Hypnotherapy in Manchester the best choice for hypnosis, NLP and hypno-psychotherapy. However, I know that putting your trust in me is a big step and I’d expect you to look for evidence that your trust would be well-placed.

I’d like to share the experiences of some of our clients with you and hope that these true stories will inspire you to seek the practical, effective and sustainable help that NLP Hypnotherapy Manchester can provide.

Fears and phobias: Peter’s Story

Peter was keen to take foreign holidays but a crippling fear of flying had prevented him from holidaying abroad for the past 25 years.

Having booked a wedding in Spain, Peter’s daughter and her fiancé were keen to help him overcome his fear so that he could share their special day, so they brought him to us for help.

While Peter was skeptical at first, from the moment he entered my therapy room his view of hypnosis started changing. He was happy to know that I use hypnosis only as a tool to get rid of that irrational fear and stopped worrying about embarrassing party pranks or mind control tricks.

After just one session, Peter was free from his deep rooted fear forever and he called me after his daughter’s wedding to thank me for helping him be there to give his daughter away.

Weight loss: June’s Story

Mother of two, 31 year old June worked as a nurse at a local hospital and had tried many diets in the past but had never been able to lose weight and keep it off.

Hypnosis is a successful way of slimming down because it enables people to learn a whole new way of preventing themselves from overeating and giving in to cravings at a subconscious level and helps them feel totally motivated to exercise.

After three weeks of receiving hypnotherapy, June admitted that she had never thought that being in control of her bad eating habits would be that easy! Thanks to the behaviour modification and emotional changing hypnotic and psychotherapeutic techniques I used with June she not only dropped two dress sizes but also gained self confidence, a new optimistic outlook on life and increased self esteem.

The renewed self confidence gave her the courage to leave her abusive partner and start afresh. She is now looking forward to a brighter and happier future.

Smoking: James’s Story

James began smoking aged 14 and, after 30 years as a smoker it was his father’s smoking-related lung failure that made him face up to the damage he was doing to his own health.

My pioneering single smoking cessation session helped James stop smoking without any effort. I consulted about what he wanted to replace the habit with and he successfully replaced smoking with a new healthier habit of his own choice. With James’ permission, he was contacted after eight months and I was not surprised to learn that he was still a non-smoker with no intentions of ever smoking again.

Fertility: Sara’s Story

43 year old Sara was very nervous about IVF treatment when we first met her. She was convinced that IVF would not work, she had formed mental pictures of the whole process failing and had planned a gloomy future for herself in her mind. While she wanted to be positive she felt she had no control over the negative images and thoughts surrounding her chances of becoming pregnant.

By using NLP and hypnosis I was able to replace the negative images and thoughts with positive ones. Sara started feeling relaxed, calm and positive not only about IVF but also about life in general. She had successful IVF treatment and is now excitedly awaiting the birth of her baby.

Please note: The names of the clients in these stories have been changed to respect their confidentiality

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