UK Training Programme: Parts Therapy

Tutor: Roy Hunter PhD FAPHP

(World Renowned Author and Therapist)

June 23-24, 2012 - Manchester, UK


Learn this Very Valuable knowledge from Roy Hunter himself!

Roy Hunter is the author of "The Art of Hypnosis", "The Art of Hypnotherapy", and his latest, "Hypnosis for Inner Conflict Resolution." Roy's books receive praise and acclaim from around the world as well as being one of the key recommended texts for hypnotherapy teaching.

The style of the course is both informative and experiential.

Participants will learn

  • What parts therapy is
  • When to use parts therapy
  • Why parts therapy is best for inner conflict resolution
  • How to use parts therapy (complete step-by-step process)
  • How and why to explain parts therapy to your clients
    Why it is so important to be an objective mediator and how to be one
  • How to avoid inappropriate leading, and the potential consequences of not doing so
  • How to avoid common mistakes that puts clients farther away from success

Course Outline

  • Overview
  • Important Background Information
  • Proper Preparation
  • Defining Client-centered Parts Therapy
  • How to Explain Parts Therapy to the Client
  • Why to Explain Parts Therapy to the Client
  • How to Deepen Appropriately
  • How to Establish a Safe Place
  • How to Establish (or Confirm) Finger Responses
  • How to Verify Hypnotic DepthThe 11-Step Process
  • An in-depth presentation of each of the 11 steps of the entire parts therapy process
  • potential detours
  • How to deal with Detours
  • Role Play Exercises for each of the 11 steps
  • Concluding the Session
  • Supervised Practice Sessions
  • Potential Pitfalls and Other Concerns
  • New Frontiers (time permitting) Spiritual Potential
    and More…

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Time: This course will begin at 9:00 a.m. and go until 6:00 p.m.

Location: Manchester, United Kingdom.

The course will be held in Manchester City Centre, minutes walk from main railway stations, tram stations, bus stops and car parks.

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